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more gouache adventures

i finally went out and bought some gouache! 

i did a couple drawings tonite

lil folks with lil dongs


inked by hand and colored in photoshop

so i’ve decided that a solid glass/whatever helmet doesn’t really fit jack and the style of thing i’ve got going for him, so now he’s got this kind of bubble shield type thing. it activates from within that black turtleneck garment and projects a field around his body. the field is compressed underneath the grey jumpsuit so it’s not visible, but is present. it bubbles out around the head and can be used as a screen to provide information, and that information can be interacted with via hand gestures and voice commands.

the little animation is just a really rough sketch of how it might look materializing. it’s really sloshy, really bloopy.

here’s the fire spirit to match with the air spirit(s) i drew the other night!

this spirit is named Anfnen and he is quite obviously the spirit of fire, but he’s formally referred to as Father of Fire and Tender to the Furnace. he is credited with teaching humanity about blacksmithing and the forge, and is thus always seen with a smith’s hammer, made from a never-melting gold. the hammer is his sacred item, as well.

his lower body is that of a six-legged panther, and the claws are made of flint so that he sends up sparks whenever he runs across stone. aside from his fearsome appearance, however he is a friendly spirit—if a bit stiff—as long as all formalities with contacting a spirit are observed.

i always like trying to design elemental based things so here is an air spirit!

Their names are Tomo and Tobo, and they’re the east and west winds. They’re quite graceful and therefore good fighters, but they’re also quarrelsome brothers which makes it difficult to coordinate their attacks.

Tobo is the one on the left and Tomo is the one on the right, and they’re the west and east winds respectively—when they fight amongst themselves, they bring tornadoes and inclement weather, and their sharp caws during those fights cause thunder and lightning.

Their sacred item is the pinwheel, particularly pinwheels with two different colors on them. 


we had to do thumbnails of stuff around the house but this is the only one i really liked

scanned and given quick color because we can’t color the assignment (and i couldn’t decide if i liked the blurred or unblurred better so take both!)